Notary Services

Theresa Cruz Bookkeeping Services provides notary services by appointment only.  We can schedule an appointment to come to your home, office, or mutually agreed upon location. We have evening and weekend appointments available.

Our fee for notary services is $10 per signature.  Additional fees may apply as listed below.

To assist in expediting the notary service process, without additional fees, please be certain all documents to be notarized are appropriately completed before your scheduled appointment.

Our Fees

  • Special – $10.00 per signature.
    • State of California standard fee per notarized signature: $15 per signature
  • Travel – All appointments will incur a travel fee that is agreed upon prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • Other – Our wait time is no more than 10 minutes for the signer to arrive at the scheduled appointment time.  For each 10 minutes thereafter a $10.00 charge will be added to the cost of service.
  • Cancellation – Any appointment cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled time will incur a $15.00 fee due immediately
  • Returned Checks – There is a charge of $25.00 for each returned check
  • Payment – We take credit cards, cash, approved business checks, & PayPal
    • Invoicing available for business accounts
    • For credit card payments a 2.75% processing fee will be added to the total cost

Common Types of Notarizations:

    • Jurat – Notary compels signer to tell the truth
      • Oaths/Affirmations – Administered to signer by notary

      These are some of the document types that we notarize:

      • Custody Documents
      • Health Documents
      • Insurance Documents
      • Real Estate Documents
      • Financial Documents
      • DMV Documents

      We provide services to residential and commercial locations, including but not limited to the following:

      • Hospitals
      • Senior Living Facilities
      • Offices
      • Airports
      • And more