Financial Coaching

Theresa Cruz offers coaching and guidance to help you to make sound financial decisions through your financial journey.

20-minute intake– Let’s chat on how I can help.

One-Time Coaching Session – Need that push to get started? We can set-up a session to discuss basic financial guidance and goals that will help you prepare your financial path forward.

On-going Sessions – Customized financial coaching and goal planning. Whether is getting organized, planning for life changes, debt strategies, emergency, or long-term savings there is no better time to start your journey then now. With guidance and milestones, you can reach your goals.

Various areas we can explore: Debt paydown, Goal Setting, Understanding your Finances, and options.

Rates start at $80.00 per hour.


At Theresa Cruz Bookkeeping Services we work hard to maintain privacy. Our relationship with you is of utmost value and trust. The only times we will disclose information to a third party is to provide planning outside our scope of work, for example investment and retirement planning or where required by law.  We do not disclose your personal information unless client permission is received, and we do not sell your personal information.

All information we collect is to assist in building and implementing a coaching and goal plan. Types of information we collect about you is demographic information, financial information, information from third parties, information we produce as part of the planning process.

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your confidential personal information. We restrict and limit access to client information only to those who need to carry out their business functions.