Payment Options

For your convenience, we offer several payment options listed below.

Also offered is an easy and fast way to pay for services via PayPal, directly from this webpage. You can make a deposit for a specific amount of bookkeeping time or you can enter your own amount to pay a specific invoice. It’s secure, reliable and easy.

  • Payment Options

    Payment for services can be made via:
      • Check
      • PayPal
      • Chase QuickPay
      • Visa or MasterCard
          • For credit card payments a 2.75% processing fee will be added to the total cost
  • Pay with PayPal

    For your convenience, I offer the payment options below via PayPal.

    Deposit of $150.00


    Deposit of $300.00


    Deposit of $500.00


    To submit a different amount, enter the total here: